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Top 9 Must-Do’s for Supporting Young Children During Reintegration

Editor’s Note: Sometimes aspects of early childhood education are neglected. This guest blog post, written by the Military Child Education Coalition, addresses tips and resources that providers and parents can use in caring for military and veteran-connected children. A strong social and emotional foundation provides the basis for establishing and maintaining positive relationships. Transitions are […]

April 1, 2015, was not a Fool’s Day!

Editor’s Note: Teri Talan, the author of this blog post, participated in an event April 15-16 at the White House, where she met with the White House Domestic Policy staff as part of Early Care and Education Consortium’s (ECEC) InvestInUs commitment. She was on a panel sharing the implications of the new report from the Institute […]

Stepping up to the plate to mentor!

Editor’s Note: Does your early childhood program present the professional demeanor reflective of an organization that provides exceptional learning experiences for young children? McCormick Center faculty and staff will reflect on the topic of professionalism and how it relates to the field of early care and education in blog posts over the next several weeks. […]

Space Speaks! Early Childhood Spaces and Cultural Diversity

Editor’s Note: Earlier in the year we focused our blog posts on cultural diversity and how administrators can incorporate diversity into all organizational aspects of an early care program.  In this blog, Migdalia Young adds to the conversation by providing some images showing how her past early childhood program valued the diversity of families in […]

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