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Whole Leadership

A couple of weeks ago I taped a video chat with Susan Ochshorn on how to put the whole child in the center of early childhood education policy reform. This got us at the McCormick Center thinking about a parallel concept—whole leadership of ECE programs. The whole child approach recognizes there are multiple and equally […]

Dr. Teri Talan Named New Endowed Chair

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Teri Talan, currently serving as Interim Executive Director and professor of early childhood education, on her appointment by National Louis University as the Michael W. Louis Chair of the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership.  Teri joined the McCormick Center in 2002 and the faculty of the National College […]

The Influence of Center Climate on Teachers’ Emotional Support of Children

Research suggests that emotional support improves children’s academic and social development. Children in classrooms characterized by emotionally supportive teachers and environments are less likely to exhibit problem behaviors, negative affect, and aggression. Research also suggests the organizational climate of early childhood programs affects overall program quality. A recent study by Katherine Zinsser and Timothy Curby […]

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