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Training Needs Assessment

DUE SEPTEMBER 23 We would like to find out your present knowledge and skill of 20 areas important in Early Childhood program leadership.  The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Follow this link to the survey:  

Getting Ready for the PAS

DUE SEPTEMBER 23 The Program Administration Scale (PAS) is a tool we will be using in TCC: Williamson Co.  To become familiar, or as a refresher of your understanding, complete the ExceleRate Getting Ready for the PAS online Module.  When you complete the module you will receive 4 hours of credit with ExceleRate. Follow these steps: […]

Thinking About Leadership

DUE SEPTEMBER 23 Print the article and circle 1 or 2 ideas that resonated with you. Bring your annotated copy with you to the September 27 session. Complete exercises 3, 4, 5, & 6. Bring completed exercises to the September 27 session.

Early Childhood Programs as Systems

After completing your inventory, rank order the system components according to the amount of time you spend considering that component in your typical leadership activities. Put a “1” by the component you consider most often, a “2” by the next most frequent consideration and so on until you get to “6” for the least amount […]

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