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Policy [M]atters, Episode 7 | Professionalizing Early Childhood Education: How Do We Get From Here to There?

Policy Matters is a quarterly video chat series between Teri Talan of the McCormick Center and a guest author in early childhood policy. Our guest author for Episodes 5-8 is Stacie Goffin. Want to catch up or revisit the series? Explore previous chats and topics here. Welcome to Policy Matters episode 7. Episode 7 is […]

5 Simple Ways to Create a Pleasant Work Environment

As an early childhood program leader, you already know that having consistent teaching staff is important for young children and families. Research from the Association for Childhood Educational International indicates that teacher turnover affects child outcomes. Turnover is associated with three basic causes; low compensation, high teacher-child ratios, and difficult working conditions. Let’s explore five […]

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