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Course and Documentation Requirements for Renewal

What types of college coursework can I complete to meet the renewal requirements? One option to meet the coursework requirements to renew your Aim4Excellence National Director Credential is to take a college course in the area of management, business, leadership, or administration from an accredited college or university. The course must be at the 100-level […]

Renewal Timing

My credential has expired and I have yet to undergo the renewal process. Is it possible to renew my credential? Yes. You may renew your credential by completing the renewal requirements. Should your application meet the renewal requirements, your credential will be valid for an additional five years from the previous expiration date. In the […]


Is it possible to pay with a purchase order, check, or money order? Yes. Select the option to pay with a check or PO (purchase order) when you reach the checkout page of the online renewal application.  You will be able to print out an invoice to mail in with your payment. Your application will […]

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