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Are there any eligibility requirements to take Aim4Excellence? You are not required to have any specific educational background or credentials to take Aim4Excellence. Participants must have solid (undergraduate-level) writing skills to complete assignments. Participants also need regular access to an early childhood program in order to complete the assignments. Aspiring administrators may participate if they […]

Time Requirements | Clock hours | Renewal

How long does it take to complete a module? If you do all the readings and assignments associated with each module, it should take approximately 16 hours to complete.   How long do I have to complete a module? You have eight weeks (56 days) to complete each module from the time you first log […]

Software | Textbooks | Materials

Do I need to purchase textbooks or software to take Aim4Excellence? No. Everything you need is right at your fingertips as you log on to Aim4Excellence. There are no extra textbooks you need to purchase. Everything is included in the per module registration fee. All of the reading materials, assignments, and media you need are […]

Assignments and Tests | Evidence of Learning

Are there tests? All of the Aim4Excellence modules include a variety of evidence of learning assignments such as reflections, exercises, classroom observations, and yes, quizzes.   Do I need to scan my work or send attachments for the assignments I’ve completed? No. All of the required evidence of learning assignments you need to do are […]

Grading and Scores

Do I get a grade for each module? Each module has a maximum point value of 100 points. Participants who are not taking modules for college credit are scored pass/fail. To successfully complete the module you need to earn 70 points or more on the Evidence of Learning. Once you have successfully completed the module, […]

College Credit

What type of college credit is available? The McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership has partnered with a number of institutions to offer the Aim4Excellence modules for college credit. Both undergraduate and graduate-level options are available. Learn more about college credit options.   Is there additional homework if I decide to take Aim4Excellence for college […]

Logging On

Do I need a username and password to log in to Aim4Excellence? Yes. Once your registration and payment have been verified, you will be issued a username and password which you will use to log in. You have eight weeks from the time you first log into a module to complete that module. After eight […]

Research and Standards

Is the content of Aim4Excellence backed by research? Yes. Aim4Excellence was developed in response to research consistently showing that directors’ effectiveness is directly related to their own level of formal education and specialized training in leadership and management. Five content specialists (all Ph.D.s with expertise in early childhood administration) wrote the content for the nine […]

Learning Accommodations

What if it is hard for me to listen to a video for a long period of time or read things on my computer screen? We certainly appreciate the fact that there are many different learning styles. That is one of the reasons why each module includes a complete transcript of what is said by […]

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