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Are there any eligibility requirements to take the Getting Ready modules? You are not required to have any specific educational background or credentials to take the Getting Ready modules.  Getting Ready for the PAS is designed for those working in early childhood centers (or for those working with these individuals), while Getting Ready for the BAS is designed […]


Do I need to purchase textbooks or software to take the Getting Ready online modules?  No.  Everything you need is right at your fingertips as you log on and is included in the per module registration fee. All of the reading materials, assignments, and media you need are easily accessible from your computer screen as […]


How long does it take to complete a module?  You are expected to complete all of the readings and assignments associated with each module. The general Getting Ready for the PAS will require about 8 hours to complete, while the ExceleRate™ Illinois Getting Ready for the PAS module will require about 4 hours.  The general […]

ASSIGNMENTS AND TESTS (Evidence of Learning)

Are there tests? Each module includes a variety of evidence of learning assignments such as reflections, exercises, quizzes, and learning games. These activities are designed to allow you to assess and deepen your understanding of the content. Do I need to scan my work or send attachments for the assignments I’ve completed? No. All of the […]


Do I need a username and password to log in to the Getting Ready module? Yes. Once your registration and payment have been verified, you will be issued a username and password which you will use to log in. You have eight weeks (56 days) from the time you first log into a module to […]


What if I have a question regarding the content or need technical assistance. Is help available? Yes. The McCormick Center helpdesk is here to assist you. You may contact the helpdesk at 847.947.5155 or 844.378.2464 or email us. Additionally, you’ll see a help feature from within the modules to easily access the helpdesk team. I have a […]

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