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Downloading Adobe Flash Player

When I open a module a message pops up asking me if I wish to complete a download of Adobe Flash Player.  Do I need to download this program? Yes. Aim4Excellence runs in a program called Adobe Flash Player. If your computer does not have the most recent version of  Adobe Flash Player installed, you’ll […]


When I log back in how can I tell where I left off? Presently the Aim4Excellence modules do not have a bookmarking feature built in. To save time, be sure to make a note of where you left off before logging out. TIP: Many participants have found it helpful to print out the module transcript […]

Viewing the Aim4Excellence Screen

I can’t see all of the Aim4Excellence screen. What do I need to do so that I can see everything? Closing menu bars If you’re having trouble viewing all of the Aim4Excellence screen, it’s possible you may have too many menu bars open in your browser. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users can easily turn […]

Viewing Videos

The Aim4Excellence videos are really choppy and difficult to watch from my computer  What can I do? Rarely, some Aim4Excellence participants have encountered choppiness when viewing videos. If you experience this difficulty, there are a couple of things you can try. First, you can pause the segment for a few moments, allowing it to preload, […]


I can’t hear the audio when viewing the module.  How do I turn on the volume? You will need a set of speakers or headphones in order to hear the content of Aim4Excellence.  Make sure that they are correctly installed and turned on. PC users can access the volume control from the lower right hand […]

Evidence of Learning

What do the buttons at the bottom of each Evidence of Learning do? How can I be sure my answers have been saved? You’ll notice at the bottom of each Evidence of Learning  (EOL) you have two buttons. The “Mark as Complete”  button allows you to indicate that you’ve finished the EOL. Once you click […]

Submit or Resubmit a Module for Review

How do I submit the module? Your work will not be graded until you have completed the entire module and clicked the “Submit Module for Review” button. You’ll find the “Submit Module for Review” button at the very end of the module after the module evaluation. You may navigate to the button from the Contents […]

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