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PAS OPTION 1 | Widening the Lens

When the goal is expanding awareness of the importance of assessing quality from an organizational perspective… Audience | Center directors, managers, technical assistance specialists, college instructors, researchers, and policymakers Scope and Format | One to three hours;  Theater style, maximum 200 participants Content: A rationale for viewing quality from an organizational perspective Using formal assessment […]

PAS OPTION 2 | Leading the Way to Quality

When the goal is program self-improvement… Audience | Center-based program administrators Scope and Format | One or two days; Interactive workshop, maximum 100 participants Content: Viewing child care centers from a systems perspective Content and scoring of PAS items The nature of individual and organizational change Dealing with resistance Developing an action plan for program […]

PAS OPTION 3 | Supporting Directors as the Gatekeepers to Quality

When the goal is quality facilitation…  Audience | Technical assistance specialists, mentors, and organizational consultants Scope and Format | Three-day interactive workshop; maximum 50 participants Content: An overview of PAS content and scoring protocol An in-depth look at several PAS items Characteristics of effective coaches Establishing rapport and aligning goals Tailoring support to a director’s developmental […]

PAS OPTION 4 | PAS Reliability Training

When the goal is research, evaluation, or monitoring quality… Audience |  Researchers, program evaluators, technical assistance specialists, and organizational consultants Scope and Format | Five days; intensive and interactive training; lunches provided, maximum of 18 participants Content: An in-depth analysis of the items and quality indicators in the PAS Learning how to rate indicators and […]

PAS OPTION 5 | Getting Ready for the PAS Self-paced Online Module

When the goal is an overview of the PAS…  Audience |  Center-based program administrators Scope and Format | Online module; 8 clock hours Content: Understanding the rationale for focusing on the quality of administrative practices Learning how formal assessment is a useful tool for identifying strengths and targeting areas for improvement Examining the content of […]

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