Authentic Leadership Questionnaire

Take the ALQ.

The Authentic Leadership Questionnaire (ALQ) is designed to measure components of Authentic Leadership. It includes 16 statements that invite you to reflect on your current leadership practices. The final page of the questionnaire includes a set of demographic questions; please skip these questions and submit your survey. After completing and submitting the ALQ, your personal profile will be emailed to the address you used to log in.  After retrieving your profile:

  • Review the report – become acquainted with each section of the report;
  • Think about your values and personal desires for your own leadership practices;
  • Reflect on your areas of strength as well as your opportunities for growth;
  • Select one Authentic Leadership Scale as an area of focus during your time with TCC 24;
  • Write a 1/2 page reflection on the scale you select;
  • Email your 1/2 page reflection to by July 30.