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Leadership Connections Live!

Even if you can’t make it to the Leadership Connections™ national conference this year, you can join us virtually. View the Livestream and check out the live Twitter conversation! Live video stream from the Leadership Connections national conference Public Policy Forum May 14, 2015 Joan Lombardi retains all rights to the materials shared  in this […]

Quality Improvement in Program Administration through Directors’ Support Cohorts

Initiatives to improve administrative practices in early childhood programs take many forms. Some models are high-intensity, providing substantial external support for directors—formal training leading to an advanced degree, high dosage of technical support for achieving accreditation, and on-site coaching addressing multiple facets of program leadership and management. These high-intensity models have been shown to yield […]

Taking the Lead | April

ASSIGNMENTS DUE MAY 13   ASSIGNMENT #1: RELATIONSHIP BUILDING PLAN  Select a relationship within your Microsystem that you would like to strengthen, write a plan of action in 200 words or less, describing the steps you will take to strengthen this relationship next… Select one a potential relationship opportunities within your Exosystem, write a plan of […]

Taking the Lead | Getting Ready to Kickoff

About This Month’s Activities APRIL COHORT MEETING Homan Square Community Center 3517 W. Arthington Street Chicago, Illinois   606024 Click here for Directions and Parking Info   ASSIGNMENTS DUE APRIL 11 ASSIGNMENT #1: THE POWER OF VISUALIZING READ: January 2015 article published in Entrepreneur Magazine “The Extraordinary Power of Visualizing Success” The Extraordinary Power of Visualizing […]

Family Engagement and Marketing Resources

Family Engagement and Marketing Webinar from McCormick Center on Vimeo.   DOWNLOADS   Cheat sheets courtesy Luisa Cotto   ADDITIONAL LINKS Twitter 4 Professional Development & #Conferences webinar recording Giovanni on Twitter Luisa on Twitter  

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