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Taking Charge of Change™

A 20-year review of empowering early childhood administrators through leadership training While there is consensus among policymakers and practitioners about the importance of strong leadership in early childhood, few states have made leadership training a high priority in the implementation of their career development systems. Illinois stands out as a notable exception. For the past […]

Leadership Matters

To ensure school readiness and help prepare children for successful participation in work and civic life, our nation has committed to providing a comprehensive and coordinated system of early learning and development. As more community-based programs provide publicly funded preschool, the need for well-qualified early childhood administrators has greatly increased. To create fiscally sound early […]

Who’s Caring for the Kids? The Status of the Early Childhood Workforce in Illinois

Who’s Caring for the Kids provides a comprehensive study of the early childhood workforce in Illinois. This 2008 edition highlights the changes in the education, background, and stability of the workforce since the publication of the first Who’s Caring for the Kids report in 2001. The report paints a picture of an emerging system of […]

Zoom: The Impact of Early Childhood Leadership Training on Role Perceptions, Job Performance, and Career Decisions

This study looked at the role perceptions, job performance, and career decisions of individuals who had participated in two leadership training programs between 1993-2003: The McCormick Leadership Training Program and Taking Charge of Change. The research revealed the many ways that participating in leadership training enhanced participants’ personal and professional growth.

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