Creating Connections that Last

by Lindsey Engelhardt

May 22, 2015

A Recap of the 2015 Leadership Connections™ National Conference

Fast Facts:
556 attendees (Record- setting!)
29 states represented (Record- setting!)
47 sessions offered (Record- setting!)

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It’s hard to believe that the Leadership Connections™ national conference ended over a week ago.

We could offer you a recap of the most popular sessions. We could recap the conference by talking about the award winners, keynote speakers, and networking sessions. Or, we could write about the success of the numerous program changes we made this year. We could even recap it by merely sharing our Twitter stream of “golden nuggets” tweeted with the conference hashtag #LCNC15.

But that’s not the point of Leadership Connections. The point is in the conference’s name….for Leaders to Connect.

This year early childhood leaders connected over a message of discovering hope when it seems to have left. They connected over the realization that powerful interactions take place at eye level and at all times of day, and that sometimes, all you need is a little humor. They even connected in-person with their fellow social media colleagues.

Personally, my favorite tweet was from Joanne Wegiel:

What a connection to make!

Because, we’re all traveling the same road, pushing toward quality improvement in early care and education for the sake of this generation and all of those to come. Our hope is that the 556 attendees from 29 states made lasting connections, be those connections “ah ha!” moments like the one above, or the kind of connections that lead to collaborations and support down the road.

That’s the point of Leadership Connections.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

Did you miss the conference this year? You can still watch an unedited recording of the lively Public Policy Forum featuring Joan Lombardi, Teri Talan, Liliana Velazquez, Edna Navarro Vidaurre, Christine Nicpon, and Anita Harvey-Dixon. Or, sign up to receive an alert when registration for 2016 goes live.

5 Responses to “Creating Connections that Last”

  1. Gladys Moran says:

    well, I really like you to offer training in Spanish, like years before.
    And why this year the dinner was canceled?

  2. This was my first leadership conference and I look forward to attending more in the future. I will be implementing what I have learned and look forward to a brighter future.

  3. lindsey says:


    Thanks for attending the conference and providing feedback.

    The ask for our trainings in Spanish has gotten louder and is at the forefront of what we hope to accomplish in the near future. Last year we provided one Spanish session on Saturday to measure interest in a Spanish-speaking session. As a result we are planning to expand our Spanish-speaking programs. It will take us some time to offer those sessions at a high level of quality. If you have any recommendations for translators or trainers, please share.

    It was a difficult decision for our team to change the Friday networking reception tradition. We decided to keep the networking component and remove the dinner buffet for two reasons: We were responding to increasing numbers of attendees opting out of the Friday networking reception and then as a way to keep the cost of the conference manageable for attendees. We were pleased to see many attendees participate in the cupcake networking reception. Instead of the dinner buffet, we offered a Dine and Discuss option for those who wanted to network over dinner.

    We hope to see you next year.

  4. lindsey says:

    Thanks for attending, Levory! We’re glad you enjoyed the experience and are planning to implement what you learned. We look forward to seeing you at future Leadership Connections.

  5. missybrown says:

    I would love to see Dennis Vicars as a speaker….I absolute love his articles in Exchange which I will now sadly miss.