Directors, Take Action!

by Sue Offutt

August 14, 2013

We know that most early childhood directors have not received specialized training before being promoted into their leadership positions. For 28 years the McCormick Center for Early  Childhood Leadership has focused on early childhood leadership.  Our early years focused on research relating to the quality of work life of early childhood educators. Today, we focus on professional development, program evaluation, research, and public awareness to help cultivate leaders in early childhood education.

Are you one of the thousands of individuals who has participated in one of the McCormick Center’s leadership development initiatives?  Whether it be Taking Charge of Change™, Aim4Excellence™ Online National Director’s Credential, Next Generation, or any other of our professional development opportunities, we need you to share your story.  We need you to tell policy makers that “Leadership really does matter!

Director’s , take action! Click on the image or link below to find out how you can let policy makers know that strong leaders are essential in building quality early childhood programs.


Director's, Take Action!














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2 Responses to “Directors, Take Action!”

  1. Linda Drust says:

    Thank you for supporting early childhood leadership.

  2. As an educator and leader in early childhood education, I have personally experienced the added benefit strong leadership has in early childhood education. Many parents are unaware of the potential that resides within their toddlers. The community as a whole view preschool children as babies that are to young to grasp concepts in English, Math and Science. I have been able to change the minds and understanding of many parents and community leaders regarding the long term impact of a quality preschool experience. However, our work is just beginning. VPK is only a start.