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Leading the Way | Aim4Excellence™ Module 1

This online module looks at leadership as a way of thinking about your role and the important work you do on behalf of children and families. You’ll learn about the importance of self-awareness and understanding your core values as you identify your unique leadership style. You’ll be introduced to a model of facilitative leadership as […]

Recruiting, Selecting, and Orienting Staff | Aim4Excellence™ Module 2

Successful employment practices are a critical component of administering high-quality early care and education programs. This online module provides a framework for effective recruitment, selection, and orientation practices. You will experience a shift in paradigm from thinking of recruitment as a dreaded event to a continuous process of community outreach. You’ll learn about “right fit” […]

Promoting Peak Performance | Aim4Excellence™ Module 3

The heart of effective staff relations is recognizing and appreciating individual differences.  This online module provides a comprehensive model for supervising staff, promoting their ongoing professional development, and creating a strengths-based team. You’ll learn about the importance of tailoring your supervisory style and professional development strategies to the individualized needs of each staff member, how […]

Managing Program Operations | Aim4Excellence™ Module 4

This online module introduces you to operations management and looks at the director’s critical role in managing the day-to-day operations of the program. You’ll learn about the necessary components of effective operations management including: systems and the importance of systems thinking; stakeholder analysis and management; the strategic planning process; how systems, policies, and procedures are […]

Building a Sound Business Strategy | Aim4Excellence™ Module 5

This online module examines the key issues pertinent to managing a fiscally responsible early childhood business. You’ll study the legal requirements and tax implications that relate to the operation of programs with differing ownership status. You’ll be introduced to the language of accounting and work with budgets, calculations, and financial reports to practice making informed […]

Planning Indoor and Outdoor Environments | Aim4Excellence™ Module 6

This online module considers the importance of the physical environment in early childhood programs. It begins with an overview of the essential elements of environments and how to design and equip indoor and outdoor environments to support children’s development and learning. You’ll then learn how to ensure that the environment welcomes all children and adults, […]

Supporting Children’s Development and Learning | Aim4Excellence™ Module 7

Supporting children’s development and learning is at the heart of why early childhood programs exist. In this online module, you’ll learn about the interactive environment, how to ensure continuity of care, and the advantages and disadvantages of different grouping and staffing patterns. You’ll then examine the many facets of developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) and the […]

Creating Partnerships with Families | Aim4Excellence™ Module 8

This online module will help you work with families in ways that empower them to partner fully with your program and become skilled, effective first educators of their children. It begins with an overview of the essential components of family-centered early childhood programming. You’ll explore the director’s role in planning and implementing family involvement programs, […]

Evaluating Program Quality | Aim4Excellence™ Module 9

Program evaluation plays an important role in the administration of high-quality early care and education programs. This online module provides a framework for understanding and implementing effective evaluation practices. You’ll learn how to select appropriate evaluation tools to achieve your program goals. You’ll learn how to implement continuous quality improvement, the leadership practice of assessing […]

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