How’s the Weather in Your Center? Learning How Staff Perceive the Organizational Climate of the Center and What Directors Can Do to Improve It


from 8:30am - 3:30pm


The Medallion Center
Columbia, SC
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Presented by: Jill Bella | Director of Quality Supports


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If you’ve visited many other early childhood programs, you know that each has its own distinct personality. Some seem to exude warmth and sunlight from the moment you walk in the door. The director and teachers are spirited and energetic. In other settings, though, stormy conditions permeate the air. The mood may be competitive or harsh. Spontaneous laughter is infrequent and complaints about roles and responsibilities, general working conditions, and of course, those parents, are frequent. This session explores the concept of organizational climate. Organizational climate is the distinct and unique atmosphere that characterizes a setting. It is composed of the collective perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and values of the individuals in a particular setting. And, it is the composite of the personalities that come together and the leadership that guides them.
This session looks closely at how ten dimensions of organizational climate help shape the quality of work life for staff. Through thought-provoking questions and engaging exercises, directors will learn how to assess the organizational climate of their programs using the Early Childhood Work Environment Survey, discover why early childhood environments that meet the needs of adults are an important way to reduce turnover and foster a shared sense of commitment, and consider the unique role perspective plays in shaping work attitudes and behavior. In addition, participants will walk away with an assortment of activities and specific strategies that will help them create a great place to work.


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