The Honeycomb and Beyond: Learning to see your program from a systems perspective, developing systems to sustain quality, and understanding how power influences operations


from 8:30am - 11:30am


Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S Figueroa St, Room 404AB
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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Presented by: Jill Bella, Director of Quality Supports | Teri Talan, Michael W. Louis Endowed Chair


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If you are familiar with honeybees you may be aware that in recent years they have been dying at an alarming rate. And, the plight of the honeybee will have a devastating impact on humans due to their important role in pollination of food. One might wonder what this has to do with early care and education. Throughout this session parallels will be drawn between the social system of the honeybee and the social system in which child care programs exist. Without an understanding of systems thinking and how an early care and education program is dependent on each component in its social system, a director is at a disadvantage and less likely to develop and sustain quality practices over time.


This session will broaden participants’ understanding about the interconnectedness of their organization to a larger system. Participants will learn that no longer can they focus on one aspect of a system, such as classroom quality, and expect the organization to make lasting, sustainable change. Instead, a systems approach which considers a variety of components beyond the classroom (such as the external environment, people, structure, processes, culture, and outcomes) must be addressed.  Power differentials within a child care program will be explored giving participants the opportunity to identify with structures of power and explore how power is used and viewed among staff. Participants will embark on a journey evaluating the practices that currently exist in their programs and how they can develop and improve upon systems to create more efficiency and effectiveness.


Your local child care resource and referral agency may have scholarship funds available to assist with your registration or tuition costs for this event. Find your local CCR&R.