10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. | SESSION 7


So You Have a Budget, Now What?
Budgets are more than pieces of paper – they are a map which shows you what’s important to your program. Come join this interactive workshop where we explore the idea of “intentional financial planning” through the lens of the Visions and Values work of Carter and Curtis, with real stories to inspire you & time for you to process the implications of this work!

Kelly Matthews | Harvest Resources Associates
Sheila Olan-MacLean | Compass Early Learning and Care


Is 2% too Few…. Is 5% too Many? Getting Men into ECE
Is there room for me here? Recruiting, retaining, and valuing men in ECE programs has proven to be one of the greatest challenges to our field’s quest for an anti-bias, anti-discrimination, multi-cultural system of early childhood education. two male early educators explore this critical equity issue. Discuss the current status of men in ECE and what we can all do together to move forward!

Mark Obuchowski | INCCRRA
John Roope | Chaddock Caregivers Connections


Through the Hearts of Teachers, Build the Minds of Children
Today’s teachers run the risk of becoming technicians and managers. This presentation will address and reflect on challenges that teachers face today and explore strategies that will keep their focus on children. This presentation will address core values, leadership models, and interactions that will keep teachers engaged in building the minds of children.

Steven Erwin | Kaplan Early Learning Company


Positive Staff and Parent Interactions through Reflection
Reflective educators are effective educators! Explore how to develop effective, cooperative, and strategic methods of communication with staff and parents through using a reflective lens and incorporating basic elements of emotional intelligence. Specific suggestions and strategies will be included for making the most out of adult interactions at work.

Nancy Bruski | Wise Choice Guidance


Preventing Staff Burnout by Promoting Well-Being
Promoting well-being for children and families calls for staff who are experiencing well-being at work. This interactive and practical workshop will be an opportunity to learn what staff well-being consists of, how to support staff members’ self-care, and strategies your program and organization can put in place promote staff well-being.

Jodi Whiteman | ZERO TO THREE


I am Mad! Importance of Social and Emotional Development
Regulation and co-regulation are central to social-emotional development. Through reflective practice, uncover your personal experiences with acknowledging and interpreting emotions and grow your understanding of expectations for typical social-emotional development based on ASQ-SE. Leave with a deeper understanding of how young children communicate their emotional needs.

Martha Rodriguez & Nancy Rodriguez | Ideas Magicas


Promoting Inclusion: Strategies for ECE Mentors
Participants will explore ways to mentor early childhood professionals’ use and perceptions of reasonable accommodations. Walk away with a variety of practical strategies to address inclusion practices and introduce meaningful, low-cost modifications for children with diverse abilities.

Rebecca McKeehan & Shea Fairley-Wallace | Early Years Network


Town Square: A Family Child Care Online Community
This session will explore Town Square a new federally funded online resource that supports family child care providers. The site was built in collaboration with providers and was designed to help providers learn, share and thrive. In this session learn about the many components of the site and how it can support family child care providers.

Angela Fowler & Rose Nardi | Erikson Institute