3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. | SESSION 2


Key Rules to Follow to Meet Your Retirement Goals
Review the major Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) plans available to both home- and center-based providers, including the new MyRA. Discuss how to save money, prioritize financial goals, and choose where to invest retirement money, including how programs can offer the new MyRA to employees without any cost.

Tom Copeland | Consultant


Early Childhood Education Doesn’t End with Pre-K
This session will explore what it would take to have a true birth-3rd grade education continuum of learning. Using the findings from focus groups with elementary school principals in five cities, we will discuss principals’ understanding of and perspectives on early childhood education and consider how local, state, and federal policy need to change to better support connections between birth-to-five early childhood programs and improve the quality of learning and developmental opportunities in the K-3rd grades.

Laura Bornfreund | Early Education Initiative


Supporting Classroom Transformations: You can do it!
This session will help program leaders and teachers create quality learning environments in their classrooms using the Environment Rating Scales. Come see pictures of classroom transformations going from good to great! Presenter will share visuals of appropriate learning environments from the field that support the language and literacy development of all children.

Tricia Sifford | Branagh Information Group, Inc.


Adaptive Leadership: Thriving in the face of challenge
Early childhood organizations and systems are increasingly complex. Leadership on the front lines is as important as leadership in the front office. This session explores the concept of Adaptive Leadership – the capacity to mobilize people to tackle tough challenges and thrive – from wherever they are in the organization.

Lynette Aytch | ZERO TO THREE


Holding Our Stories: Trauma informed practice in ECE
Trauma-informed early care and education programs should include a focus on staff. This session will provide administrators with a deeper understanding of providing stewardship to staff during a crisis as well as strategies for daily practice that promote overall well-being by acknowledging the difficult work and supporting self-care.

Michelle Campbell-Gaylord and Andrea Urbano | Consultants


Developing Self-Regulation through Play
Growing neuroscience evidence shows self-regulation (S-R) is one of the strongest predictors of school and life success–enabling children to focus, and think flexibly and creatively. Without S-R, children have difficulty taking another’s perspective and developing social skills. We will focus on current brain research, the Vygotskian approach, and how play fosters Executive Function development.

Deborah Leong and Patricia Greenstein | Tools of the Mind


Strength-Based Coaching Techniques
Experience a rich interactive overview of coaching frameworks and reflective practices that facilitate increased engagement with staff. Techniques and strategies will be shared that support leaders in successfully facilitating the professional growth of teachers. A variety of coaching activities, scripts, and lists of empowering questions designed to help school leaders develop coaching skills will be shared.

Susan MacDonald | Inspiring New Perspectives


Supporting the online learner in a hands-on field
Are you or members of your staff hands-on learners in an online world? How can you motivate your hands-on learners to be online adventurers? This session will identify and explore professional development and continuing education programs offered online. Overcome fears associated with distance learning and gain the knowledge to create your own hybrid trainings that motivate and support staff.

Mary Muhs & Kristen Walley | Rasmussen College