4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. | Special Interest Sessions

Determining if a program’s organizational climate is as healthy as it could Organizational climate refers to the distinctive atmosphere that characterizes work setting and it is determined by the collective perceptions of staff regarding workplace conditions. Learn how to measure a program’s organizational climate and how the results can be used to help explain where things are going well and identify where changes are needed. Join us to learn how to begin the process of improving the overall morale and commitment of employees.

Jill Bela | McCormick Center for Ealry Childhood Leadership
Room: Willow

Academy of Parents in Leadership
Learn about the NLU Academy of Parents in Leadership Program (APL).  APL is designed to educate and support parents or guardians of students to improve their personal and professional skills in the areas of parent involvement in school academics with a focus on leadership. Parents lead a mini-project that benefits their school or community. Join us to see how you can partner with the program or take the ideas back to your state.

Monica Ramos | National Louis University
Room: Lake Michigan B

Building Healthy Relationships Among Children with Sanford Harmony
Harmony fosters social-emotional skills among young children. Through easy to integrate routines, lessons, activities and stories, children practice friendship skills and regulate emotions as they connect, collaborate, and problem solve. Find out how Philanthropist Denny Sanford and National University will provide the Harmony Kits for every teacher in your school at no cost.

Margaret Johnson | Sanford Education Center | National University
Room: Lake Michigan A

Art Therapy for the Non Art Therapist
Do you work with clients, students, or patients in your program who are non-verbal, prefer creativity, or have a difficult time opening up? Art Therapy techniques may be extremely beneficial in aiding these individuals in sharing and finding insight into what they are experiencing. You don’t need a degree in Art Therapy to be able to incorporate creative methods in your work. Learn hands-on Art Therapy directives and gain and understanding in this new and upcoming field!

Allison Barton | Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital
Room: Birch Room

Is online learning the right fit for you?
Have you thought about starting some online course work but not sure of how to get started. Stop by this special session and get the ins and outs of the on line learning at the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership. Learn how to get a credential, college credit, or required training through the McCormick Center’s online Professional Development Programs. Join us to learn what fits your professional development needs at this time.

Kathryn Graver | McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership
Lorena Rodriguez | McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership
Room: Elm Room