8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. | SESSION 6


Grassroots Marketing
Grassroots marketing involves being creative in how you advertise your school to prospective families. Gain ideas for marketing your program that are little or no cost. Even if your school is corporately owned and does its own share of marketing, this session is for you. Gather ideas you can put to use, learn how to create flyers, incentives, event planning, and how to get media attention.

Sandy Jenner | Chesterbrook Academy

Early Childhood Policy

Whole Leadership: Building a Framework
In this interactive session utilizing a “World Café” style conversation, participants will engage with one another to deeply explore aspects of the 2016 Leadership Connections conference theme – Whole Leadership. The topics of leadership essentials, administrative leadership, and pedagogical leadership will be discussed. Outcomes of the workshop will be synthesized to contribute to the development of a Whole Leadership framework. Join us to be part of this groundbreaking work.

Michael Able | McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership


The Basics of Giving Feedback
What is the culture and process of feedback in your program? This session explores how to give positive and constructive feedback with the ultimate goal of improving overall program quality. We will explore emotional connection, personal impact, trust, and believability of feedback to maximize its effectiveness in leading others.

Dawn Ellis | Bright Horizons Family Solutions


Authentic Leadership
Authentic leaders influence change, inspire action, and empower people to perform at their best because they lead from their core values and a deeper purpose beyond self- interest. They have the courage to be transparent and show their weakness while encouraging feedback for self- improvement. By developing a reflective practice, every life experience offers an opportunity to become more aware of your unique, authentic leadership style, your strengths, shortcomings, and your passion to become a trusted leader with integrity and compassion who others want to follow.

Susan Neustrom | National Louis University


Adults Need Play, Too! How Play Benefits People and Programs
Administrators will discover how adults and their workplace each benefit when adults play and are playful. They will identify adult play personalities and participate in team-building activities for each. They will learn how to foster playfulness in their staff and themselves, and will have fun doing it!

Diane Goyette | Early Childhood Specialties


Using Everyday Conflict to Teach Emotional and Social Skills
Learn strategies for responding to naturally-occurring interactions in the classroom and how to nurture children’s development of emotional understanding, problem solving, and self-regulation skills. Spend time unpacking and understanding the motivations for these behaviors and tools for how to approach and discuss these situations with children.

Cathleen Schaefer | Licensed Psychologist


Make It Sticky! Training with purpose and behavior change
Have you ever spent time training on a topic but the next day, your team was doing the same old, same old? It’s frustrating, isn’t it! In this session, we will explore effective ways to ensure your training has purpose and the end result is positive behavior change. Adult learning principles are used to create the framework for action-oriented results. Let’s work together to Make It Stick!

Kelly Hansinger | Bright Horizons Family Solutions


Using technology for meaningful family engagement
This session includes information on the impact of current family engagement, and how to combine student documentation and communication with families. It includes a hands-on experience with different technological strategies.

Amelia Troutman | MyChild Inc