Assignments and Tests | Evidence of Learning

Are there tests?

All of the Aim4Excellence modules include a variety of evidence of learning assignments such as reflections, exercises, classroom observations, and yes, quizzes.


Do I need to scan my work or send attachments for the assignments I’ve completed?

No. All of the required evidence of learning assignments you need to do are included right in the modules. In some cases, you’ll be asked to print out an exercise or field assignment first, jot your answers, and then transfer your answers right on the computer and click your mouse to submit your work.


Will I be graded on the assignments I do?

Each module includes a variety of evidence of learning that total 100 points. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion for a module, you must attain a score of 70 points or higher. Most students find that they can easily achieve a “passing” score by carefully reading the articles and handouts and providing thoughtful responses to the evidence of learning.


When will I hear if I successfully completed the module?

Within about 10 business days of submitting your module for review, you will receive an email with your scoring summary, faculty feedback, and—assuming you successfully completed the module—your Certificate of Completion.


Is there additional homework if I decide to take Aim4Excellence for college credit?

Those taking the modules for credit through National Louis University are required only to complete the evidence of learning included inside each module. Other institutions offering credit may require additional assignments or activities. Learn more about college credit options. Your work will be graded according to the institution’s standard grading scale.