Course and Documentation Requirements for Renewal

What types of college coursework can I complete to meet the renewal requirements?

One option to meet the coursework requirements to renew your Aim4Excellence National Director Credential is to take a college course in the area of management, business, leadership, or administration from an accredited college or university. The course must be at the 100-level or above and be a minimum of 2-credit hours. An official, sealed, unopened transcript from the college or university is required. (See question below regarding electronic transcripts.) Your transcript must demonstrate that you’ve completed the course with a grade of C or above. (Note that the coursework does not have to be specific to early childhood administration; general management, business, leadership, or administration coursework is accepted.)

View a list of management, business, leadership, or administration courses from National Louis University that would meet this requirement.

Alternatively, you may opt to complete additional McCormick Center online modules or a combination of online modules and coursework to meet the renewal requirement. (This option is described below.)


Can I submit an electronic transcript?

Yes. Official electronic transcripts will be accepted if sent directly from the college or university to


Can I submit a transcript from a course I took more than five years ago?

The Aim4Excellence renewal process seeks to demonstrate that you have continued your professional development surrounding the topic of early childhood leadership and management.  That said, only transcripts for coursework completed after your credential issuance date (or credential re-issuance date if you have renewed previously) will be accepted. Transcripts are required to be official, sealed, and unopened to ensure authenticity.


What McCormick Center online modules can I complete to meet renewal requirements?

Should you choose, you can opt to successfully complete two of the following McCormick Center online modules in order to apply for renewal.

−      Getting Ready for the Program Administration Scale (PAS)
−      Getting Ready for the Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS)
−      Additional module options to be announced in 2014.


I have successfully completed one of the McCormick Center online training modules approved for renewal. Can I combine this with a credit-bearing course to meet my credit requirements for renewal?

Yes.  Completion of an approved McCormick Center online training module can be combined with proof of completion (documented with a grade of C or above on an official, sealed, unopened transcript) and a 1-semester hour or more course in leadership, management, or administration to meet the requirements.


I have certificates documenting that I have completed trainings for clock hours or CEUs. Can I apply them toward renewal of my Aim4Excellence credential?

Certificates documenting clock hours or CEUs may not be used to apply for renewal. Read above for details regarding accepted coursework.