Evidence of Learning

What do the buttons at the bottom of each Evidence of Learning do? How can I be sure my answers have been saved?

You’ll notice at the bottom of each Evidence of Learning  (EOL) you have two buttons. The “Mark as Complete”  button allows you to indicate that you’ve finished the EOL. Once you click this button, you’ll see that a check mark appears next to the EOL. The “Return Later” button allows you to indicate that you need to come back later to complete the EOL.  This is an easy way to see what you’ve completed and which EOLs you still need to finish. Clicking either of these buttons will save your work. Keep in mind that you can return to any of the EOLs (even those you’ve marked as complete) at any point in the module. Your work will not be graded until you have completed the entire module and clicked “Submit Completed Module for Review.”


Where can I go to find out the point value of each of the Evidence of Learning (EOL)  in a module?

At the bottom of the Evidence of Learning (EOL) window you’ll see a Summary button. By clicking this button you can access a summary of the EOLs included in the module, along with their point values. We encourage you to print this summary to have on hand as you work through the module. The EOL summary is a useful tool to help you determine which EOLs require the most attention. The summary also includes a sample rubric to give you a sense of how EOLs are scored. View a screenshot.