Grading and Scores

Do I get a grade for each module?

Each module has a maximum point value of 100 points. Participants who are not taking modules for college credit are scored pass/fail. To successfully complete the module you need to earn 70 points or more on the Evidence of Learning. Once you have successfully completed the module, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the module. Should you successfully complete all nine modules you will receive a certificate for your Aim4Excellence National Director Credential. Most students find that they can easily achieve a “passing” score by carefully reading the articles and handouts and providing thoughtful responses to the Evidence of Learning activities.

Note that if you are a scholarship recipient or are participating as a part of a group or cohort, your funder or sponsor may require a higher passing score.


Where can I go to find out the point value of each of the Evidence of Learning (EOLs) in a module?

At the bottom of the Evidence of Learning (EOL) window you’ll see a Summary button. By clicking this button you can access a summary of the EOLs included in the module, along with their point values. We encourage you to print this summary to have on hand as you work through the module. The EOL summary is a useful tool to help you determine which EOLs require the most attention. The summary also includes a sample rubric to give you a sense of how EOLs are scored. View a screenshot.


What happens if I fail to attain the minimum required score?

Should you fail to attain a total score of 70 points on the Evidence of Learning you submit, you will need to re-register and repay for that module in order to redo the module and achieve a Certificate of Completion.


What if I don’t care about receiving a Certificate of Completion for a module or pursuing the Aim4Excellence National Director Credential and just want to learn something about the topic. Can I still register?

Sure. It is perfectly fine to just audit a module. Note this on the form when you register for a specific module. In fact, this is a great way for resource and referral specialists, college instructors, and early childhood consultants to get an update on the management content covered in the specific Aim4Excellence modules. You’ll still need to complete the Pre-Assessment of Learning questionnaire that appears at the beginning of the module, though. When this item is submitted, it activates the rest of the content in the module.


Will the content of my answers remain confidential?

Yes. The Aim4Excellence faculty scorers are held to the highest ethical standards. You can feel confident to be honest in your reflections as your responses will remain confidential.