Submit or Resubmit a Module for Review

How do I submit the module?

Your work will not be graded until you have completed the entire module and clicked the “Submit Module for Review” button. You’ll find the “Submit Module for Review” button at the very end of the module after the module evaluation. You may navigate to the button from the Contents Menu. By clicking the “Submit Module for Review” button, you are indicating that you have complete and reviewed all of the EOLs in the module and the Aim4Excellence team may score your submission. Show me how.


I received an email asking me to revisit/resubmit a module.  What do I do?

Should the scorer faculty feel you could improve your scores, they have the opportunity to request a resubmission from you.  If they select to do so, you will receive an email with instructions to resubmit your module.  Follow the instructions in the email to revisit the module in Resubmission Mode.  After revisiting the module, navigate to the end of the module and click on the ‘Resubmit Module’ button to indicate your completion.  Resubmissions are due no later than one week from the sent date of this email. Should you fail to resubmit within the one week deadline, you will receive the score for your original work.  Show me how.