Susan Neustrom | National Louis University

Leadership Excellence: Inspiring, motivating, and empowering

Friday | 8-10 a.m.

Leaders play a key role in influencing the workforce. By understanding what fosters motivation, leaders have the ability to reinforce positive behavior, satisfy needs, provide rewards, and empower and engage employees in goal achievement. With a compelling vision, strong values, and sincere compassion, leaders can inspire action, motivate behavior, and empower greatness.

Authentic Leadership

Saturday | 8-10 a.m.

Authentic leaders influence change, inspire action, and empower people to perform at their best because they lead from their core values and a deeper purpose beyond self- interest. They have the courage to be transparent and show their weakness while encouraging feedback for self- improvement. By developing a reflective practice, every life experience offers an opportunity to become more aware of your unique, authentic leadership style, your strengths, shortcomings, and your passion to become a trusted leader with integrity and compassion who others want to follow. ​