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Do I need to purchase textbooks or software to take Aim4Excellence?

No. Everything you need is right at your fingertips as you log on to Aim4Excellence. There are no extra textbooks you need to purchase. Everything is included in the per module registration fee. All of the reading materials, assignments, and media you need are easily accessible from your computer screen as you log on.

Aim4Excellence runs in a program called Adobe Flash Player.  If your computer does not have the most recent version of  Adobe Flasher Player installed, you’ll be asked to complete the free download before you begin your first module.


Can I complete the Getting Ready modules on my tablet or smartphone?

The Aim4Excellence modules run in a free program called Adobe Flash Player.  Presently, Apple iPad® and iPhone® do not run Adobe Flash Player. That said, you will want to access the modules from your computer or from an Android™ device. We strongly recommend using a device with a full-size screen and keyboard for ease of use.