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The McCormick Center specializes in leadership development in the field of early care and education. Build new knowledge and skills through our collaborative and reflective approach to learning. Engage in dynamic discussions that foster fresh ideas, a toolbox of resources, and a new network of colleagues.


New information comes across your desk daily, but how do you sort through what’s relevant for your program? These focused professional development experiences help you keep on top of the latest research, stay abreast of best practice, overcome a challenge, or tackle a new skill. Sample topics include:

          • Widening the Lens: Looking at Quality from an Administration Perspective
          •  Getting Ready for the PAS Online Module
          • Leading the Way to Quality: The Director’s Role
          • Supporting Directors as the Gatekeepers to Quality
          • Program Administration Scale (PAS) Reliability Training
          • More Than a Nurturing Heart: Looking at Quality from a Business Administration Perspective
          • Getting Ready for the BAS Online Module
          • Catching on to the BAS: What Providers Need to Know About Business and Professional Practices
          • Promoting Excellence in Family Child Care
          • Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS) Reliability Training
          • Using technology and social media to boost enrollment


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Embrace change! Our professional development institutes offer a framework of intensive training and reflective practice to help you achieve and sustain personal and organizational growth. Overcome challenges, master new concepts, and implement effective program strategies—all while building your leadership and management capacities. Earn college credit or points toward a credential as your program works towards higher QRIS levels. Some of our institutes include:




The McCormick Center offers customized training on a variety of topics to expand your leadership capacity and management skills. We’ll work with you to design a high-impact professional development experience for your conference or quality improvement initiative.

      •  A Great Place to Work: Creating a Healthy Organizational Climate
      • Accidents Happen: Why Risk It? Improving Your Risk Management Plan (BAS Item 6, PAS Item 8)
      •  Appreciating Individual Differences
      •  Bore-ientation? How to Keep Orientation from Being a Real Snooze (PAS Item 1)
      • Change is Good…You Go First!
      • Communication is a Two-Way Street: Creating and Maintaining Family Partnerships (BAS Item 7, PAS Item 16)
      • Creating Effective Conflict Resolution Policies (PAS Item 9)
      • Do You See What I See? Working with Staff to Create a Shared Vision (PAS Item 15)
      • Making the Most of Meetings
      • Put it in Writing: Knowing What Belongs in Family Child Care Contracts and Handbooks (BAS Items 2 & 7)
      • Standing Up and Speaking Out: The Director’s Role as Advocate
      • Using Technology and Social Media to Boost Enrollment

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