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The McCormick Center provides a variety of professional development opportunities to enhance your effectiveness in using the Program Administration Scale (PAS).

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When the goal is research, evaluation, or monitoring quality

This training provides an in-depth analysis of the items and quality indicators in the Program Administration Scale. This training is designed for individuals who want to ensure that the PAS assessments are valid, reliable, and administered consistently across programs. View calendar

WIDENING THE LENS | When the goal is expanding awareness of the importance of assessing quality from a total organizational perspective

This session provides a rationale for viewing quality from a broader perspective. Participants are introduced to the Program Administration Scale as a research-based instrument to measure and improve organizational practices. View calendar

LEADING THE WAY TO QUALITY | When the goal is program self-improvement

This training looks at the nature of change in early childhood organizations and the director’s role as change agent. Using the PAS as a guide, participants learn a systematic process for collecting data about their centers and how that information can be turned into an action plan for center improvement. View calendar

SUPPORTING DIRECTORS AS THE GATEKEEPERS TO QUALITY | When the goal is quality facilitation

In this training, participants learn key coaching strategies they can use to support directors in their efforts to achieve excellence. The PAS serves as the framework for measuring and benchmarking quality improvements. View calendar


This training is designed for child care center administrators in Illinois who are interested in applying for Star Level 3 or 4 of Quality Counts, the Illinois Quality Rating System. View calendar


This online module, to be launched in the spring of 2013, is designed to help individuals get up speed on the Program Administration Scale (PAS) .  Learn how formal assessment can help you identifying strengths and target areas for improvement, practice scoring, prep for a formal assessment, and learn how to use the PAS  to create a program improvement plan.