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Program Administration Scale | Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care | Director Mentor Program

The California Director Mentor Program is a component of the California Early Childhood Mentor Program, the largest mentoring program for child care professionals in the country and one that links improved compensation with the mentor’s professional development. Since 1988 the program has provided advanced training for experienced child care practitioners who wish to become mentors to new practitioners. Following completion of an initial course in mentoring, interested candidates make formal application to a local mentor selection committee. Those who are selected as Director Mentors are paid stipends for guiding and offering practical help to less experienced directors, site supervisors or large family child care owner/operators. Selection of Director Mentors is based on their professional qualifications, the candidates’ self-assessment using the Program Administration Scale (PAS), or the Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS) and an interview with the mentor selection committee at which the candidate discusses how the PAS or BAS might be used to help other directors improve the quality of their administrative practices. Once selected, the Director Mentors use the Program Administration Scale or the Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care as a resource in their work supporting less experienced directors and large family child care owners/operators.

For more information, contact:

Linda Olivenbaum, Director
CA Early Childhood Mentor Program
(510) 723-6625

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