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Program Administration Scale | Leadership Academy

The University of Oklahoma, College of Continuing Education, Center for Early Childhood Professional Development, offers leadership training and technical assistance through Leadership Academy I, II, and III. The Leadership Academy was developed specifically for administrators, directors, and managers of early childhood programs. Early childhood administrators enrolled in Leadership Academy I are required to participate in a pre- and-post Program Administration Scale (PAS) assessment. The pre-assessment is completed during the first two months of the six month program. Participants meet one full day a month for training on the leadership skills necessary to enhance the quality of care in Oklahoma. Session topics include: communication, team building, ethics, leadership traits/behaviors/characteristics, advocacy, mentoring, coping with change, discipline, and other leadership topics. Post-assessments are done six months after completing the training. Technical assistance is provided throughout the six month period, using the results of the PAS assessments, as well as information and feedback provided during the monthly classes. Data is collected and correlated for future research projects focusing on sustaining quality in our early childhood programs. Additionally, a PAS assessment is conducted at a percentage of QRIS facilities on a monthly basis as one of the approved assessments for child care centers.

For more information contact:

Susan J. Kimmel, Ph.D
Director, CECPD
1801 N. Moore Ave
Moore, Oklahoma 73160
(888) 446-7608

Jill Soto, M.S.
Assistant Director, CECPD
1801 N. Moore Ave.
Moore, OK. 73160
(888) 446-7608

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