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Quality Initiatives and Research | Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) Program Quality Evaluation

This project was designed to support the City of Chicago’s Department of Family and Support Services (formerly Children and Youth Services) in its technical assistance efforts with Head Start and child care programs. The McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership provided training for 50 FSS technical assistance specialists on how the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale—Revised (ECERS-R) and the Program Administration Scale (PAS) can be used to support program improvements at the classroom and organizational level.

In addition to the training for technical assistance specialists, the McCormick Center provided one day of training for 400 DFSS center directors to acquaint them with the ECERS-R and the PAS, the documentation needed to prepare for their on-site PAS assessment, and how they might use the ECERS-R and PAS profiles to improve classroom teaching practices and strengthen the leadership and management practices of their programs.

The McCormick Center then conducted organizational assessments using the PAS at 250 FSS Head Start programs and classroom observations of 550 DFSS Head Start classrooms using the ECERS-R. Center profiles generated from the PAS data and individual classroom profiles generated from the ECERS-R data were given to both the center directors and the DFSS technical assistance specialists. The goal of this project was to yield information to help directors develop individualized professional development plans for their teaching staff and implement strategies to improve administrative practices at the organizational level. For further information contact:

Teri Talan, EdD, JD
McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership | National Louis University


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