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Program Administration Scale | Quality Initiatives and Research | Evaluation of Uniform Performance Measurement System for New York City Administration for Children and Families

In 2008, researchers at the National Center for Children and Families at Teachers College, Columbia University were commissioned to propose a uniform and comprehensive performance measurement system for all publicly funded early childhood programs in New York City. Two measures used in the citywide pilot were the PAS and the ECERS-R. To assure that the two measures capture distinct dimensions of quality, factor analysis was conducted. Two major factors emerged from the analysis. The first factor exclusively included items from the ECERS-R, while the second only included items from the PAS indicating that these two instruments capture distinct elements of program quality. The recommendations by the researchers was the NYC unified performance measurement system should use both measures as program administration and classroom quality are both important elements of an effective program.

For more information contact:

Sharon Kagan, Ed.D, Professor
Teachers College, Columbia University
National Center for Children and Families

Kate Tarrant, Ed.D.
Early Childhood Research and Policy Consultant

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