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Quality Initiatives and Research | Supporting Directors as the Gatekeepers to Quality

In 2008, the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership and the Grand Victoria Foundation joined forces to create a professional growth opportunity for a select group of early childhood leaders from across the state of Illinois. Supporting Directors as the Gatekeepers to Quality was designed to provide training and technical assistance for 30 early childhood leaders in Illinois in how to use the Program Administration Scale (PAS) to support center directors in improving the administrative practices of their early childhood programs. A main goal of the grant was to create a cadre of technical assistance specialists to assist directors in preparing for their PAS assessment, one component of the state’s quality rating system, and understanding how to make improvements to their administrative practices once they received their QRS report.

As part of the project, technical assistance specialists participated in the four-day PAS Assessor Reliability training. Following the training, they conducted two PAS assessments and submitted the assessments to become Certified PAS Assessors. Several months after the initial training, the technical assistance specialists met again for two days of follow-up training focused on mentoring for directors and clarifying information on the administration of the PAS. Participants learned about the characteristics of effective coaches, useful ideas for supporting directors in different developmental stages, and strategies to promote professional competence. The participants were also given opportunity to develop their skills in active listening, establishing rapport, and aligning goals. For further information contact:

Jill Bella, EdD
McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership | National Louis University
847.947. 5059


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