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Program Administration Scale | Quality Maintenance Program—Smart Start of Davidson County, North Carolina

Smart Start of Davidson County uses the Program Administration Scale (PAS) as a technical assistance tool in its Quality Maintenance Program. This program provides maintenance funds to 4- and 5-star licensed child care centers to assist them in sustaining their rated license and maintaining their quality. Smart Start of Davidson County found the benefits of using the PAS in the Quality Maintenance Program are: 1) It focuses on the administration of the program; 2) It provides a framework for measuring early childhood leadership and management; 3) It serves as a self-assessment by directors of strengths and areas needing growth; 4) It defines the director’s role in supporting quality; and 5) It measures outcomes for the Quality Maintenance Program.

For more information contact:
Mary Draughn
Smart Start of Davidson County
(336) 249-6688

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