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Research Project | Evaluation of Arkansas Professional Development System

Through funding from Arkansas Department of Human Services/Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education, the Arkansas State University Childhood Services provides training and technical assistance to support the state’s early care and education workforce. As part of these efforts, ASU Childhood Services offers training for directors and for technical assistance specialists using the Program Administration Scale (PAS).

An evaluation of Arkansas’ professional development support system was conducted by KeyStone Research Corporation using the PAS as one reliable and valid tool to measure the quality of centers that had received professional development support through ASU Childhood Services. The results of the evaluation showed that the PAS differentiated the quality of administrative practices between programs classified as meeting minimal licensing requirements, those that met the state accreditation standards classified as Arkansas Quality Approval (QA) programs, and those meeting state prekindergarten standards classified as Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) programs. For additional information contact:

Diana Courson, Program Coordinator
Arkansas State University Childhood Services | 870.234.2253 OR

Joyce Ann Miller, Ph.D., President
KeyStone Research Corporation | 814.836.9295

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