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Program Administration Scale & Business Administration Scale | Tennessee Early Childhood Program Administrator Credential

The Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA) at Tennessee State University Center of Excellence for Learning Sciences developed and administers the Tennessee Administrator Credential.  Key components of the credential are academic coursework, business management experience, and use of either the Program Administration Scale (PAS) or the Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS). The PAS/BAS provides a significant cornerstone as a tool for quality achievements and outcome measures. Candidates for the credential must develop a portfolio. Portfolio contents include sections relating to early childhood education as well as administrative experience and knowledge. The initial assessment using the PAS/BAS provides information for goal setting by the director/provider who is working toward the credential. Final assessment using the PAS/BAS provides a measure of goal attainment and an outcomes measure of improvements made during the credentialing process. Data are collected to determine the relationship between PAS scores, staff retention, and ERS scores.

Contact the TECPAC Program Manager for more information:
Norma Mason
TECTA Statewide Management Office
Tennessee State University
(615) 277-1636     

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