Should teachers have cell phones in the classroom?

by Sue Offutt

May 14, 2013

Do you have your cell phone in your workplace?  Should teachers be allowed to have their personal cell phones in the classroom?  Listen to this Heart Conversations on Leadership radio segment to learn what may be appropriate and what may not be.

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If you have a policy addressing cell phone usage by teachers and by parents in your learning center, please let us know.  The team at the McCormick Center is working to help others develop such policies.


2 Responses to “Should teachers have cell phones in the classroom?”

  1. It states in our state’s licensing regulations that the staff are prohibited from: ” participating in personal activities that interfere with the adequate supervision of children, such as visitors and phone calls.” Most of the centers have a “No cell phone policy” that they enforce. The new, proposed licensing regs it actually lists cell phones in them.

  2. sarbrown says:

    In an emergency, cell phones are invaluable. They should be kept in pockets and looked at if repeated alerts are received. Otherwise, of course, they should be ignored.