Taking Charge of Change™ — 20 years and onward

by Safiyah Jackson

May 31, 2013

Leading an organization through change that drives quality improvement is a complex job. Taking Charge of Change™ will empower you to embrace the process. We are currently preparing to kick off the 21st cohort of this leadership development program and ask that you join the movement.

TCC 20 Group-August

During our 2013 Leadership Connections Conference we announced a soon-to-be released report that takes a retrospective look at 20 years of this program and the impact it has on directors and administrators around the state. The results provide compelling evidence of how leadership training can help drive change from the inside out and from the bottom up, through changes in the early childhood administrators themselves. Directors are the gatekeepers to quality, and the results of the study underscore the need for training focused on the unique needs of early childhood directors.

We invite you to join the 500+ leaders in the state who have grown their leadership skills through this professional development experience. Be part of a cadre of Illinois leaders who ‘speak the same leadership language,’ are committed to continuous quality improvement, and are advocates of high-quality learning environments for staff…as well as for children and families.

Applications are due June 3, 2013.

To learn more, visit http://mccormickcenter.nl.edu/professional-development/year-long-leadership-management-training or email me at barbara.volpe@nl.edu

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