Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015

by McCormick Center Team

January 7, 2016

We hope you were able to take a well-deserved step back from your crucial leadership work at some point during the holiday season.

As 2016 begins, we’d like to share with you the most read McCormick Center blog posts of 2015. Regularly publishing to our blog was a significant shift for us. We made the shift because we understand the complexity of your role as an early childhood leader. And we’re passionate about supporting you in any way we can.

In the coming year, we’ll continue to regularly publish a variety of resources to help support you on your continuous quality improvement journey. Our topic line-up was designed in response to the feedback from surveys you so kindly completed last year.

  1. Early Childhood Advocacy for Dummies: Tarah Kadzielawski, Assessor and Training Specialist, shares tips for overcoming advocacy fears and provides tools to help you get started on your journey to raise awareness about the importance of early care and education.
  2. Family Engagement: Moving Toward Genuine Family Partnerships in Early Childhood Education: Barb Volpe, Quality Specialist Coordinator, offers strategies you can use to strengthen family partnerships in your early care and education program
  3. Thanks for Complaining: Jill Bella, Director of Quality Supports, offers four reasons complaints provide valuable information about a program.
  4. What I Wish I Had Packed for the Journey of Becoming a Family Child Care Provider: Sonja Crum Knight, Assessor and Training Specialist, offers a numerous recommendations and resources for beginning family child care providers.
  5. Engaging Diverse Families in Your Early Childhood Program: Wendy Guerro-Rivera, Assessor and Training Specialist, reflects on creative opportunities that exist for encouraging all families to be involved in their children’s early care and education experiences.
  6. QRIS and Your Program: Now what?: Ann Hentschel, Director of Quality Assessment, gives three steps you can take to help strengthen the foundation of your early learning program.
  7. Early Care and Learning in the Every Student Succeeds Act: Rachel Demma, Policy Director, Early Care and Education Consortium, authors this guest blog post on what the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act means for early childhood education.
  8. Dream More, Learn More, Do More, Become More: This post offers strategies to inspire collaboration in your early care and education program and is written by Janet Moore, Assessor and Training Specialist.
  9. The Value of Culture in Your Family Partnerships: Lorena Rodriguez, Administrative Technology Associate, shares reflections about her own culture, her daughters’ early experiences, and the steps early learning leaders might take to build cultural awareness.
  10. 8 Tips to Promote Diversity Education in Your Program: Colleen McLaughlin, Training and Technical Assistance Specialist, provides tips on how to incorporate diversity education in your early learning program.

One Response to “Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015”

  1. A great round-up post of the most pertinent posts from 2015. Blogging regularly takes some getting used to but it’s a great way to share valuable resources.