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Draw a picture of your organization

There is no right way to do this exercise and artistic ability is definitely not a prerequisite. Simply create a mental picture of your organization and recreate it on a piece of paper. The drawing will be photocopied so please make sure the tool you use is dark enough so that nothing will be lost […]

Authentic Leadership Questionnaire

The Authentic Leadership Questionnaire (ALQ) is designed to measure components of Authentic Leadership. It includes 16 statements that invite you to reflect on your current leadership practices. The final page of the questionnaire includes a set of demographic questions; please skip these questions and submit your survey.¬†After completing and submitting the ALQ, your personal profile […]

Early Childhood Programs as Systems

After completing your inventory, rank order the system components according to the amount of time you spend considering that component in your typical leadership activities. Put a “1” by the component you consider most often, a “2” by the next most frequent consideration and so on until you get to “6” for the least amount […]

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