Overall Policy Lever Score


A state-wide QRIS, Steps to Quality, is implemented; there are minimum requirements for administrator qualifications which require either a bachelor’s degree or the completion of a career development program which includes work-related experience, training, or college credits providing a level of achievement equivalent to the bachelor’s degree. At step 5 of the QRIS, at a minimum, a center director must have 15 hours of business management training in addition to a current CDA. Principal licensure includes pre-K. Elementary principals are required to have at least a master’s degree with some teaching experience. Idaho does not offer state pre-K or a director credential. There are no early childhood leadership degree programs or leadership academies in the state.

Interesting Facts: Idaho

  • Principal licensure includes Pre-K.

  • The average salary of child care directors is $37,360as compared with elementary school principals at $76,000.

  • The Program Administration Scale (PAS) is embedded in the QRIS at multiple levels.