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Minimum state licensing standards require that program directors be a high school graduate, have six months of teaching experience, and attend five clock hours of training per year. The Kansas Early Childhood Director Credential was developed from the Kansas/Missouri Bi-State Core Competencies. It is a tiered competency-based credential. At the lowest tier, the credential requires a minimum of an associate degree, 24 semester hours in early childhood education, 9 semester hours in early childhood program leadership and management (or 18 semester hours in general leadership and management), teaching experience, administrative experience, and professional contributions. Principals are required to be licensed for leading school-based pre-K programs; there are no requirements for leading community-based pre-K programs. Kansas’ Links to Quality QRIS is a state-wide program, which completed its’ pilot run in April, 2020. It is in the process of transitioning at the end of 2022. There are no early childhood leadership degree programs or leadership academies in Kansas.

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