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Qualifications of administrators in Massachusetts licensed child care programs vary across seven levels based on licensed capacity, hours of operation, and the percent of non-teaching administrative time.  For full-day programs serving 14 or more children, director certification is required.  The two-level Director Certification for licensing serves as the administrative credential for the state. At the minimal level, a director can achieve certification with a combination of a CDA, three CEU’s in child care administration, and prior experience as a lead teacher. The QRIS is undergoing changes. The interim QRIS standards no longer has the requirement that the program administrator has a Bachelor’s degree.  The state pre-K program requires a bachelor’s degree for administrators along with at least 18 credits in early childhood education.  There are seven early childhood leadership degree programs offered at five institutions and three early childhood leadership academies in Massachusetts.

Interesting Facts: Massachusetts

  • Administrator certification is required by licensing for programs serving 14 or more children and requires prior experience as a lead teacher.

  • Boston College offers a post-baccalaureate certificate to develop individual’s leadership capacity as change agents.

  • There are 1,830 child care directors and 5,68 3family child care providers in Massachusetts, the 6th smallest state in the U.S.