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Licensing regulations in Michigan require directors to have a minimum of a CDA, at least 18 semester hours in early childhood education, 3 CEU’s in child care administration, and relevant experience. Annual training requirements for licensing include sixteen clock hours.  There is no director credential in Michigan. Principals are required to have a master’s degree, however pre-K coursework or experience is not required.  The statewide QRIS is based on a points system ranging from one point awarded for meeting director qualifications required in licensing (CDA and at least 18 semester hours in early childhood education) to four points if the director has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a major in early childhood education/child development and two college credits in child care administration.  There are two early childhood leadership degree programs in the state.

Interesting Facts: Michigan

  • Licensing requirements for directors include 16 clock hours of professional development annually.

  • Muskegon Community College offers a certificate in Family Child Care that builds skills in operating a business.

  • The Great Start to Quality (QRIS) provides a detailed description of indicators, intent, and ways to meet qualifications indicators in its 2017 guidance document.