New Jersey

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New Jersey has differing administrative staffing requirements based on licensed capacity of a child care center. For programs licensed for more than 30 children, a minimum of a BA, plus one year of managerial or supervisory experience, is required. For programs with 30 or fewer children, a group teacher may serve as director with a CDA, CCP, Group Teacher Endorsement, or NJ Infant/Toddler Credential, plus one year of teaching experience in child care. The competency-based administrator credential is built on the foundation of a BA.  It is comprised of 15 college credits or a 144 hour noncredit option, plus one year experience working with children, one year of management experience, a portfolio, and professional contributions.   The statewide QRIS is a points-based system; there is one point awarded if the supervisor of teaching staff has a CDA or nine credits in early childhood education.  Elementary principal licensure requires a master’s degree but pre-K content is not included as part of the certificate.  State pre-K programs in schools require a principal license.  There are two early childhood leadership degree programs and one early childhood leadership academy in New Jersey.




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