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Directors of licensed programs must meet the Oklahoma Director Credential – Bronze (lowest level) requirements of a CDA, 40 clock-hours of training in administration, 12 months experience in an early childhood setting, and 20 hours of annual clock hour training. Elementary principal licensure requires a master’s degree, however pre-K content and experience are not required. At the highest level in the statewide QRIS, administrators are required to have 30 clock hours of job-related training.  School-based administrators of state pre-K programs are required to be licensed principals. There are four early childhood leadership degree programs and one leadership academy in Oklahoma.


The interactive map at the right shows the density of child care directors by county (2012 Workforce Dataset: A Review of Workforce Trends, National Workforce Registry Alliance).


Interesting Facts: Oklahoma

  • The University of Oklahoma’s Leadership Academy provides 46 hours of professional development to enhance leadership skills.

  • Oklahoma City Community College and Oklahoma State University offer AAS degrees in early childhood administration.

  • Oklahoma is one of only four states that require a director credential for directors of licensed child care programs.