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Child care licensing requires directors to have an unstipulated combination of education and experience equivalent to two years in management, early childhood education, child development, or nursing. In addition, directors must complete pre-service orientation to early childhood, six clock hours of training, and a professional credential recognized by the Department of Family Services. Principal licensure requires an educator license and an administrator endorsement with a master’s degree in educational leadership. A pre-K endorsement can be added to the license and requires teaching experience and pre-K content. Wyoming does not provide state pre-K. Although not a QRIS, Wyoming KidsFirst Program collaborates with the Wyoming Early Childhood State Advisory Council and other statewide organizations to advocate for Wyoming’s young children and families. Wyoming does not have any early childhood leadership degree programs or leadership academies.

Interesting Facts: Wyoming

  • The annual salary of child care directors is $49,400 and that of elementary school principals is $95,868.

  • Wyoming has the lowest population of any state in the United States (583,029); with 100 child care directors, 124 elementary school principals, and 279 family child care providers.

  • There is one child care director or family child care provider for every 238 square miles in Wyoming.