Renew Your Credential

Renewal of the Aim4Excellence National Director Credential is required every 5 years from the credential issuance date. The intent of the renewal process is to ensure and validate the ongoing efforts of credentialed directors to strengthen their growth as leaders and managers and encourage efforts toward continuous improvement in their administrative roles.
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Coursework in Leadership and Management | In order to renew your credential, you will need to show that you are continuing to build your leadership and management skills through coursework. To meet this renewal requirement you may:

Submit an official, sealed, unopened transcript documenting completion of a 2-credit hour or more college course in leadership, management, business, or administration. A grade of C or above is required. Read more about course criteria.


Successfully complete two of the following McCormick Center online modules:

−      Getting Ready for the Program Administration Scale (PAS)
−      Getting Ready for the Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS)
−     Moving Forward with Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) module


Successfully complete one of the above McCormick Center online modules AND submit an official, sealed, unopened transcript showing successful completion (demonstrated with a grade of C or higher) of a minimum of one 1-credit hour course in leadership, management, or administration.

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Renewal Fee |
A renewal fee of $125 is required to process your application.



Online Application | Once you have your documentation of coursework and your payment ready, submit for renewal by completing the online application.

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  • The completion date of your renewal coursework must have taken place after your credential’s last issuance date.
  • Please allow 60 days for review and processing. Within 60 days of application, you’ll receive an email regarding your renewal status.
  • Participants who allow their credentials to expire will not hold a valid credential until they complete the renewal process. To avoid a lapse, you will want to submit for renewal 60 or more days before your expiration date.
  • Be sure to review the Renewal Additional Details before submitting for renewal.
  • Have a question regarding renewing your Aim4Excellence credential? Contact us.